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Moderator Application - Dimitry

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What is your discord name?: Dimitry#6666

What is your Age?: 16

Why do you want to become a moderator at (Minimum 200 words): I want to become a moderator at to stop spam from new and old users. Also i want to look at attachments to check if they have viruses or no beacouse we do not want to expose our users to viruses that may be in the files.

Do you have any experience as a moderator?: Yes. I was moderator on some FiveM servers forums and discords.

What can you bring to the team? (Minimum 150 words): I can bring to your team activity and help at any time with any problem.

Why should we hire you over other applicants? (Minimum 100 words): As I said, I don't have a life so I still use Discord and the internet.

What are your strenghts?:
-Fast reaction
-Expierience as a moderator

What are your weaknesses?:
- Sometimes i'm busy with learning other languages but my DM is open.

How active are/can you be?: Very active. I'm online about 12 hours per day

How familiar are you with About 50-60%

Do you have anything else to add to your application?: I don't have anything.

Do you have any questions?: No.
Not open for further replies.
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